Is iOS Application Improved in Windows?

Windows'da iOS Uygulama Geliştirilir mi?
Windows'da iOS Uygulama Geliştirilir mi?

“Will the iOS application be developed in Windows?”, this is the problem of the person who has just started writing and will just switch to the iOS platform. In this article, I will evaluate this and present solutions.

First of all, the answer to that question is yes and no. First, you should use Cross-Platform-enabled systems so you can develop iOS applications in a Windows environment.

What is Cross-Platform?

Cross-Platform means multi-build. So if you’re making an app, this app is compatible with all of them so that it can work for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, even Windows and macOS. Of course, you have to make some small changes. But the most important thing is that one written system is compatible with all platforms.


Cross-Platform has a few systems that have more system than error. These are mainly Xamarin, a system written in C# language.

Cordova is a system that is played with webview logic with HTML + CSS + JavaScript, i.e. browser logic. Other operations other than interface enhancements are done by Terminal (Black Screen).

Cordova – PhoneGap

Using Phonegap, HTML + CSS + JavaScript systems, Cordova is a substructured system. The difference from Cordova is that there is an interface for many process essays, compilation. No action is required with terminals such as Cordova.

ionic is a system that uses the Cordova infrastructure again. The difference from Phonegap is that it is design and systems that it develops itself in the background. There is also its own Studio program. Development is easier. Of course it’s paid!

React Native

React Native actually uses the HTML + CSS + JavaScript structure on this system. But there’s a very important detail here. React Native is not a webview system. It doesn’t act like a scanner. The system is turning the written codes into a normally written application with C++. This provides a wide range of scopes. In particular, many apps such as Facebook, Instagram have been used in React Native.

There are other systems, now let’s get your choice, let’s get back to the point.

Let’s say you’re developing an app for iOS in the Windows operating system. As I said again, cross-platform did it on a system. You have that possibility. But the only problem is how to test this app or how to throw it out in the App Store.

That’s where the problem begins!

You definitely need a computer with a macOS operating system, i.e. Mac computers, to test and publish the app you’ve developed for iOS!

Most importantly, you can’t throw the app into the App Store without the macOS operating system. There’s no point in that. Because App Store applications are being sent to the App Store on some apps on the macOS operating system. Like xCode.

But there’s a solution to that! Virtual machines. Download a virtual machine program and. macOS operating system. You can test your development of these methods. My advice to you is if you want to do this kind of procedure. We don’t have to constantly transfer the application you’ve developed to macOS. It causes you to get confused, things can be dragged into impenetrable places. Set up the system you use on macOS and develop it through “go.” This will work out for you.


You should warn that if you are going to install macOS on the virtual computer, there are a few important considerations. Your computer should not have a problem, such as processor, RAM. Otherwise, it’ll make your business harder. This causes both Windows and macOS to contract, which doesn’t work.

Select the system correctly to develop. Check out the latest news. If you don’t do this, the app you’ve developed stays in your hands after somewhere and becomes useless. To help you with this election, I’m going to talk to you about it with short writing.

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