24 June 2024 Monday
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One UI 2.1 Will Get Samsung Models

Unveiled in Brazil this week, the new Galaxy S20 and Z Flip stand out to bring good features and run the 2.1...

An Impressive Innovation in Google Files!

We're playing more and more games on our Android phones. The ever-growing market for Android games offers us new interesting possibilities for...

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Son Makale

GTA 6 Release Date And More

Rockstar Games is leading with the GTA series, and now after GTA 5, the company's new game, GTA 6, continues to reveal...

Here are Motorola Edge and Edge Plus Introduced

As we know, new members of the motorola family were introduced today on the day and officially presented all the features with...

iPhone 12/4 Model Will Come in Variant

Apple users are counting down the days for the new iPhone models, while Apple is leaking information about the models every day.

Oppo A92S Viewed While Running

The company's New Phone, the Oppo A92S, is slowly showing off, and now it's operational, confirming that it has dual-hole camera technology....

Oppo A92s Features Leaked

Oppo is preparing to announce its new models. Posters of this phone appeared on the web. According to the images, the phone...