Now Possible to talk Without Your Skype Account

Now Possible to talk Without Your Skype Account

Skype You can now join cross-platform video conferencing without an account or without having to download any software. Microsoft has also revamped the interface to allow you to start searches with a single click.

So how do we use this feature?

This feature is simple designed and useful now let’s follow the how-to steps

First, let’s go to the page where the new Skype Feature is use

Now click on Create a free meeting.

Click on the marked place with black

After you do that, you’ll see another place in the same way and there will be a URL where you can invite your friends to talk to them by sharing that link.

Black May share your URL with your friends from the marked p
laceRed you can start the search from the marked place

And at the same time, there is another place right below. Start search by clicking here.

Finally, friends after sharing the URL so that your friends can join, then after you start the crest, your friends can join by clicking on the Link.


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