Adidas Introduces GMR Smart Insoles

Adidas Introduces GMR Smart Insoles

We talked about Adidas GMR smart insoles, not only a built-in Google Jacquard that tracks your kicks, accelerates, controls the ball on the football field, but also transmits data about your abilities to the FIFA Mobile mobile football simulator we talked with the sensor. It is assumed that your success esouriating real tasks will help improve the performance of your virtual team.

There is also the opportunity to dominate the scoretables and win special prizes in real football competitions. The announcement of the new items will reportedly take place on March 10.

The package includes two Adidas-based and a Jacquard Label chip that can be attached to any of them, and a charging cable. EXCLUSIVE in-game content is also available for FIFA Mobile. You’ll need an Adidas GMR app to configure it. The price of the new products has not yet been announced.


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