Terms of Use

In order to get services from www.paylasimpark.com (hereinafter PAYLARŞIMPARK) (as a registered member or not), you must first read and consent to our membership / usage conditions stated below.

  1. PAYLARŞIMPARK owns all services, domain names, software codes, interfaces, contents, product reviews, videos, algorithms, drawings, models, designs and all other intellectual industrial rights connected to the service, except for content and applications provided by third parties. Truck. The software, design and copyrights of the services offered belong to PAYLARŞIMPARK. The copying, reproduction and dissemination of services and services, and the associated pages thereof, as well as reverse engineering, is not permitted.
  2. It is allowed by PAYLARŞIMPARK to cite the content produced by PAYLARŞIMPARK (video, text, image, news, audio file) on condition that the source is specified and to use the embedded code of streaming videos on other sites. PAYLARŞIMPARK is based on and respects the culture of sharing.
  3. PAYLARŞIMPARK, (i) to produce and publish content on the internet, technology and digital business culture, and (ii) to provide media for all content related to the internet, technology and digital business culture published by its members, (iii) to provide advice and information for all its contents as public.
  4. PAYLARŞIMPARK does not guarantee and guarantee that the content provided for the purpose of informing visitors and members is absolutely correct and declares that these contents are only for advice and information purposes. PAYLARŞIMPARK is responsible for the content that it produces and publishes itself and also does not accept any responsibility for the content produced and published by the members and visitors in accordance with Article 5 of Law no.
  5. PAYLARŞIMPARK can cooperate with many 3rd party institutions and organizations in various ways in order to use the services and services it offers more effectively. This cooperation; advertising, sponsorship, permission marketing, data sharing and other legal commercial methods. PAYLARŞIMPARK declares and undertakes that it will provide authorized communication in accordance with the laws, that it will not engage in communication and marketing activities against the request of the user / member, and that the user will be able to leave the system free and easily.
  6. PAYLARŞIMPARK does not control any data and content created by the user in any way. However, the user (s) by 3rd parties and the institutions of the Republic of Turkey and personal rights protected by laws and international agreements in case of violation of other rights; the posting of content that also infringes copyright, includes obscenity, insults, profanity, and degrading statements; In addition, if PAYLARŞIMPARK services and services are used in excess of the purpose, PAYLARŞIMPARK has the right to immediately stop the services, to release the relevant contents and to cancel the membership.
  7. PAYLARŞIMPARK will do its best to ensure the uninterrupted and error-free operation of its services. However, SHAREPARK services may also be affected in cases such as technical failures in the systems of the service providers providing internet access services, failures in the systems of third parties with which they have contracted, system maintenance and force majeure. In such cases, PAYLARŞIMPARK will take the necessary measures for the efficient operation of the services, but does not accept responsibility for the faults and faults of the connected services which are not authorized to intervene directly.
  8. PAYLARŞIMPARK , as of the date of these terms in force, offers all content and services free of charge. At any time in the future, it has the right to benefit from the services and contents offered and / or free of charge. Paid services and subscription types may be specified separately in the “special services” section of the PAYLARŞIMPARK website. If users choose one of the announced subscription systems, they are required to read the services and features offered. The member / user cannot demand more than the service that PAYLARŞIMPARK has committed to benefit from any paid or unpaid way.
  9. PAYLARŞIMPARK may, at any time, make unilateral changes on the services it provides in order to provide the best service.
  10. PAYLARŞIMPARK The user is responsible for the accuracy and confidentiality of the information provided while subscribing to the website, as well as the protection of the password and user name and not sharing with others. PAYLARŞIMPARK does not accept any responsibility in case of unauthorized access to this information and using PAYLARŞIMPARK services.
  11. PAYLARŞIMPARK can always unilaterally modify, repeal or publish a new version of the user agreement according to changing laws and conditions.
  12. PAYLARŞIMPARK Any legal disputes that may arise between the park and the user will firstly be resolved in good faith, otherwise the parties agree that the Turkey/Erzurum Courts and Execution Offices are competent.

The terms of use presented to you are deemed to have been accepted by both parties upon the User becoming a registered member / entering the site and starting to use the content and services. If the terms of use are not accepted, it is sufficient for the user not to use the site and services.