Satellite-Based Internet Service Is Coming

Satellite-Based Internet Service Is Coming

While many professional players claim six delays in the 10ms are ideal, it’s far from the real level.

However, for under-service rural players, the 20ms will be more than enough for their needs. Musk said you can watch high-definition movies, play games and do anything you want without realizing the speed. In other words, especially if that person has not yet been exposed to the high-speed internet, it should be good enough for the average user.

The system is designed to deliver super-fast, low-latency broadband internet, and SpaceX has applied for permission to launch 42,000 SATELLITEs, which largely reflect about 5,000 satellites in orbit. CEO Elon Musk said the service could fund more ambitious projects, such as SpaceX’s one-month base and a city on Mars.

Musk said Starlink would not be ideal for everyone. If you already have a Gigabit link from AT&T, Google or a local provider, Starlink certainly can’t compete.

It has not yet been seen whether these companies will participate in Musk’s assessment.


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