Huawei Offers Music Streaming Service

Huawei Offers Music Streaming Service
Huawei Music

The Huawei Music app is already available in Europe and supports multiple languages. Content may not be as popular streaming apps as Spotify for now, but enough for the company to at least start.

If you are not aware, the music service was announced for European countries in 2018, but Huawei has now activated it. The addition of the Huawei Music streaming service has brought the company one step closer to becoming independent of Google.

If you want to download the Huawei Music app in Europe, you can also download it from Huawei AppGallery.

The app will come and use it pre-installed with the Huawei/Honor device, but if you have an Android smartphone from other manufacturers, you can enjoy Huawei Music on your device by downloading it from the official website.

Huawei Music

If you want to take advantage of huawei music streaming service, downloading and signing up for the app will be the only challenge you need to pass. If you don’t want to use real-time streaming service, you can turn it off and play locally stored music files with the Huawei Music app.

Of course, the service offered may require a monthly amount, not free. You can use this service monthly for 9.99 €.


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