AET applications Show New Ipads coming soon

Apple may have many new iPad to show this fall.

The company recently gave two new iPad models to the EEC database of the Eurasian Economic Commission and added the five model numbers it had provided with the Commission to MySmartPrice’s report.

The applications show that all seven versions of iPad will run on iOS 13, suggesting that Apple would be released in the fall when it traditionally released the latest version of the operating system.

Two new Ipads, A2200 and A2232 model identifiers would be combined under a single filing and suggested similar models. The previous five model numbers offered on the Commission are A2197, A2228, A2068, A2198 and A2230. In this filing, A2197 and A2228 were made in one list, the other three in others, suggesting that it consisted of two different models.

In total, this means that we can see three different models of iPad released this fall.

Since the AET applications only show the model numbers, Apple will eventually publish it, which would ultimately predict someone. Rumors show that new filing will be a new 10.2-inch iPad that can be used as an update to Apple’s iPad Pro series, replacing the existing 9.7-inch model.

Apple has already released a new iPad Air and iPad Mini this year, so the update has been made on both models that are unlikely to be seen. Each of these new devices, which were announced in March, represented minor incremental enhancements to their predecegations. Ipad Mini looks the same as the previous version, but instead of the A8 chip in the previous version, it contains a faster A12 bionic chip. The Tablet also has a 7-megapixel camera with a forward-looking lens instead of the 1.2-megapixel camcorder offered in the previous version and supports the Apple pencil. The new iPad Air also looks the same as its predecessor, and offers more immersive built-in features with Apple Pencil support.

Apple has traditionally announced the addition of the iPad series in October.

In addition to the new iPad model numbers, Apple also offered a few MAC model numbers available to the AET. These models are expected to launch in autumn with Apple’s new macOS operating system, Catalina.


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