Rockstar Games is leading with the GTA series, and now after GTA 5, the company’s new game, GTA 6, continues to reveal its release date and more leaks.


GtA 6 can be sad when looking forward to it because the expected game plans to be released in the spring of 2022.

In the coming days, Rockstar may perhaps pull this forward because users are likely to show their reactions because they have already been developed since 2014 according to game leaks.

But the pleasing news by Rockstar is that the GTA 6 map will be larger than expected, and the GTA 5 has never been as expected, but GTA 6 will connect you to the game with a wide map that will be karadenabout it.

The topic of which console the GTA will come with is that ps4 and Xbox One will probably be available, but it’s not certain that the ps5 and Xbox Series X will also be available.

At the same time, the GTA 5 will also have 3 main characters gta 6, but it can be more than 3 and one of them will be female characters. And the entertainment areas are expected to be more and bigger

As in the GTA series, tasks will be the story section known as the section that can make you addicted to computers and consoles, so that it’s longer and fun, because GTA 6 will come with more than expected.

As we know, new members of the motorola family were introduced today on the day and officially presented all the features with impressive designs.

Motorola Edge and Edge Plus Features

The Motorola Edge has a 6.7-inch OLED display panel and comes with a 90Hz screen refresh speed, while the Motorola Edge Plus also has the same display. The processor comes with the Edge Snapdragon 765 Soc, while the Edge Plus uses the Snapdragon 865 Soc.

Both models come with 5G, while the Motorola Edge 4 has 6 Ram 128GB storage option, while Edge Plus is equipped with 12 Ram DDR5 256GB of Storage. The battery is 4500mAh Egde Plus in the Motorola Edge and 5000mAh.

Both models have 18W fast charging support.

On camera, the Edge main camera has a 64MP 1.8 aperture, while the Edge Plus has a 108MP 1.8 aperture. The second camera is ultra wide angle with a 16MP 2.2 aperture in both models and the third camera in mokra shooting Edge 8MP 2.4 aperture 2x telephoto lens Edge Plus 8MP 2.2 aperture 3x telephoto lens front camera has a 25MP 2.0 aperture per both models.

Both models have Wifi 6 support and USB Type-C 3.1 and the pleasing 3.5 mm jack input comes with android 10 base in both models in terms of software.

Apple users are counting down the days for the new iPhone models, while Apple is leaking information about the models every day.

With the Tweet he shared about the iPhone 12, Jon Prosser shows that the iPhone 12 will arrive in 4 Model Variants and the size of the models seems to be finalized.

the iPhone 12 (5.4)inch and iPhone 12 (6.1)inch comes as two standard models. It also comes in 4 models as iPhone 12 Pro (6.1)inches and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7)inches.

On the camera side, the iPhone 12 (5.4)inch and (6.1) inch 2 camera will come with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max 4 camera will come in this 2 models 4. The camera will be lidar camera, of course this 4 model a14 bionic processor and 5G.

The company’s New Phone, the Oppo A92S, is slowly showing off, and now it’s operational, confirming that it has dual-hole camera technology.

It has also been confirmed that it comes with a 120Hz 90Hz 60Hz screen refresh.

Oppo A92s Extracts and About Oppo A92s Features Leaked article you can check out.

Oppo is preparing to announce its new models. Posters of this phone appeared on the web. According to the images, the phone will come as oppo A92s.

Oppo A92s will come with dual camera turrets. It was also revealed that the phone will have a 6.57-inch LCD display and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Another of the images gives us a glimpse into the rear design. Oppo will come with four rear camera installations, the main camera comes with 48MP and 8MP ultra wide-angle camera and a dual 2MP sensor to capture macro photography and depth details. The phone will come with 8GB RAM + 128GB (UFS 2.1 storage) with dimensity 800 processor.

The Opp A92s will be available in a side-mounted fingerprint scanner with a price tag of $355 and Grade White and Navy/Black.

LG was slowly adding a new smartphone to its family, while at the same time the name of the family’s new smartphone was curious. LG Velvet is a really stylish and impressive phone.

Of course, the drop notch, which seems common in the phone design, stands out. But the company not only comes with an impressive 3D Ark design, curved with both windshield and rear glass.

The company is answering our questions by announcing the name of the curious LG new smartphone at the press conference, and at the press conference LG Lelvet has gained clarity from the name.

Recently Oppo introduced its new interface unit ColorOS 7. The Android 10-based interface offers us a lot of innovation.

With ColorOS 7, Oppo smartphones will be able to use a dark theme, with Oppo ColorOS 7 there are many improvements and features, of course, there will be various changes in its interface.

Recently Oppo has launched the ColorOS 7 update for 6 smartphones. But the company didn’t want to stay with it, and in April it wanted to offer more devices.

ColorOS April 7 List

Oppo Find X April 13
Oppo Find X LamborghiniApril 13
Oppo Find X Super Flash EditionApril 13
Oppo Reno 2April 17
Oppo R17 2020April 20
Oppo R17April 20
Oppo R17 Pro 2020April 20
Oppo R17 ProApril 20
OPPO R17 Pro Kings Of Glory EditionApril 20
Oppo Reno ZApril 20
oppo Reno Z 2April 25

Forza is very popular with car game users with many series. And now Forza Street will be available on mobile and tablets.

The game, which is currently in the pre-registration, was curious about when it will come.

Forza Street Trailer

The game, which will defy most games with its quality, was introduced by Microsoft to Windows Computers, and now it’s time for Android and iOS devices.

Forza Street will be fully available to Android and iOS devices on May 5th.

The company leaked the X65 TV with huawei smartscreen 65-inch OLED panel.

Huawei SmartScreen Tv offers 4K resolution and also supports HDR10. The TV 1000 can rise to the nit brightness level.

In terms of hardware, the TV comes with Huawei HONGHU 89) SoC, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

As the operating system, the Company will use the HarmonyOS operating system it developed. Of course, it seems that it will impress the environment by using the 14 speakers that will impress with this beautiful TV sound system.

A Pop-up camera is also used on Huawei Tv, which has 24 megapixels.

Skype You can now join cross-platform video conferencing without an account or without having to download any software. Microsoft has also revamped the interface to allow you to start searches with a single click.

So how do we use this feature?

This feature is simple designed and useful now let’s follow the how-to steps

First, let’s go to the page where the new Skype Feature is use

Now click on Create a free meeting.

Click on the marked place with black

After you do that, you’ll see another place in the same way and there will be a URL where you can invite your friends to talk to them by sharing that link.

Black May share your URL with your friends from the marked p
laceRed you can start the search from the marked place

And at the same time, there is another place right below. Start search by clicking here.

Finally, friends after sharing the URL so that your friends can join, then after you start the crest, your friends can join by clicking on the Link.